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Winner of Super Bowl Ads 2024??? The King of Beers Still Reigns.

Nothing "Old School" about this Delivery:

Budweiser Proves Out the Power of Commitment to Brand, Audience & Story.

$7M per spot, hours of glitzy ads, Walken, Beyonce, Affleck, and millions and millions of consumers reveal a data point too impactful to ignore:


Early this morning, Google released the Super Bowl LVIII Trends Report. Included was data covering most searched names, players and questions, as well as a list of the Top Most Searched Commercials during last night's game*.

Now, if you spent a moment this morning reading marketing expert outtakes of the most impactful or memorable Super Bowl 58 ads, I'm betting you'd guess that Google, Dunkin, Temu or BMW commanded the top spot.

In fact though, none of these big brands reigned.

Budweiser, The King of Beers won the day.

Surprised? Probably. What can we learn from this? Quite a lot actually.

Once upon a time, in 1975, Budweiser aired their first Super Bowl ad featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales. Thus began a brand story that the company builds upon, and has remained dedicated to ever since.

Each year, the story featuring the famous Clydesdales unfolds, on Super Bowl Sunday, oftentimes including an adorable Yellow Lab, and, all the while consistently delivering a time-tested message to their core audience:



In an era when many legacy brands are struggling to remain relevant, and the hottest thing out there seemingly changes every 15 minutes, this result is powerful stuff. Not only does it show the benefit of commitment to consistent branding and understanding your audience, but also the power of story to create emotion and deliver brand loyalty - again and again.

Story has the proven ability to dedicate consumers to a brand, if done well, like no other marketing tool can. It's the superpower of the marketing world. And, good news, it's accessible to all of us.

How can your brand capture and and capitalize on some brand loyalty of your own?

  1. Craft a rock-solid, intentional brand platform.

  2. Understand your audience inside and out.

  3. Develop strategy based on #1 & #2 plus business objectives.

  4. Mine, craft and share stories that align with brand, audience and strategy.

  5. Watch performance for connection and conversion, and

  6. Be dedicated, consistent and unwavering.

Super Bowls will come and go. Most commercials won't be remembered between one and the next. One thing's for sure: Crafting an intentional brand, message and story that speaks to your audience delivers.


*Top searched commercials, Google Trends Report, Feb. 12, 2024:

1. budweiser super bowl commercial 2024

2. dunkin super bowl commercial

3. temu super bowl commercial


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