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Strategic Storytelling Services

Our Strategic Storytelling Services include all types ad forms of stories in short-form, long-form, reels and more.  If you have a story developed and ready to share, but are challenged with the telling, or speaking to an audience, we offer Storytelling Training as a separate service. 

Uncovering Story

We all have a story, but most of us don't know how to uncover it - or are just too humble to have the desire to talk about themselves.  We believe every story has meaning and the power to connect with audience.  TL.Authentic works with you to discover the unique stories of you, your business and your associates.  

Storytelling Training

A big piece of successful storytelling is communicating your story comfortably and effectively.  We work with clients and teams to combine the pieces of story into a flowing tale, and work with you to provide the tools and practice you need to share your story with a room full of strangers, or looking into the camera.  We prepare you to tell your story authentically in a way that connects with your audience. 

Story Assets & Development

Once we've uncovered stories, the work begins to pull together the details and organize the specifics so the story flows with interest.  We spend time together identifying all the elements, people and places essential to a well-told story.

There are several types of stories for business.  We work with you to develop the types of stories that will have the biggest impact.

Story Distribution

Once we develop, organize and produce your story, we work with you to segment assets for use across marketing mediums such as social media, YouTube, print materials, company website and in-person opportunities.  Given our marketing expertise, we also offer support planning and activating a Story Marketing initiative over the short and long-term.  We work with you to connect your well-crafted story to your intended audience.

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