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Branding Services


TL.Authentic offers services and resources for both pre-launch businesses as well as existing businesses, small or large.  Our Branding Services may be accessed separately when you need a little bump or fix, or as a combined package for full-tilt brand support.  

Pre-Launch Brand Plan

Ready to launch a new business?  We can help.  We offer support with business name ideation & research, name availability, registration, logo and brand element design, brand launch plan, development of brand collateral, and website & digital asset design.

Content & Creative

Messaging and creative require dynamic punch to not only reach your intended audience but communicate and capture.  Our Content & Creative services include writing new content and editing current content for digital and print communication across your website, social media and marketing collateral, as well as sourcing, planning and placing images.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity answers the question: "Who are you and how do you want to connect and present to the world?"  We work with you to develop keywords, messaging, iconography and digital assets that work together synergistically to communicate your brand.


Great design makes a difference when your target audience is short on time.  Our Design services marry your brand identity and plan with dynamic execution.  We work with a creative team to offer design for website, email communications, social media, print materials, event materials and more.  We also design creative video services for assets utilized across digital mediums.

Brand Audit

Sometimes your brand gets lost in the day-to-day and person-to-person.  Changes and time can lead to a fragmented, scattered message.  Our Brand Audit service starts with a discussion of your Brand Identity and then insures that what you want to be and communicate is doing so effectively and consistently across every medium and channel.  If it needs a refresh, we can help!

Brand Refresh

You know that sweater in the back of your closet that you loved but hasn't seen the light of day recently?  Brands can be like that.  Gorgeous when they were, but just need a refresh to look dynamic and interesting again.  We work with you to understand your Brand 
Identity, develop a fresh new brand - while preserving the value you've created, and put forward a plan to execute the new identity seamlessly.

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