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authentic (adj.):  original or true.  not a copy of anything else.  genuine. credible.  trusted.  legit.  the real deal.

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Our Story

TL.Authentic is a marketing studio crafted and led by Tammy McCarley (aka TL) offering purposeful, targeted, measurable marketing guidance, services and support to entrepreneurs and small-to-medium businesses.


We exist to help you create connection.When we're connected, positive energy flows.  New relationships are formed.  Things happen.  Lasting value is created.We lead, guide and support businesses, brands and organizations in developing meaningful, authentic connections to audience, aligned partners and community through branding, marketing, outreach, storytelling and collaboration. 


Tammy combines experience in international marketing, with industry expertise across wine, sports, health & fitness, financial services, pets, non-profit, education and media industries.  She has worked with Fortune 100 companies, and started a niche travel business from her tiny NYC apartment that made headlines in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other publications.  She is a published author, avid photographer, talented writer and speaks Spanish ~ decently-well (most of the time) .  


At her core, she is a warm, friendly small town Michigan girl that loves her kids, family & friends, dogs, time in the mountains, watching her sons play sports, Michigan football, a challenging trail run and an expertly-crafted glass of wine.  




Tammy McCarley
Lead Connector & Founder
~ Cricket ~
Lead Office Pal
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