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Partnerships, Collaboration & Outreach


"Rising tides lift all boats,"  John F. Kennedy, 1963


Growing businesses through partnerships, collaboration and community connection is the passion center of our work. We believe wholeheartedly that creating and fostering connections with other businesses, individuals and the community, benefits everyone exponentially.  Strangers become friends.

Collaborative Strategy

TL.Authentic works with businesses to determine partnership objectives, identify potential partners, connectors and stakeholders, and work closely with you to reach out, begin relationship development and establish a framework for working together.  We believe collaboration benefits and expands every business and offer our expertise across all industries for businesses of any size.

Partnership Plans

Like a Marketing Plan, a Partnership Plan provides a roadmap leading to successful collaborative efforts.  TL.Authentic works with businesses to reach out to target partners, negotiate relationships, bring partners to the table, and develop and put forth a partnership marketing plan that communicates shared objectives, target audience, tactics, budget, execution and follow-up.

Co-Marketing Assets

TL.Authentic works with partners to both design and develop assets for co-marketing efforts, as well as insure co-branding and programming are implemented per plan by all partners.  We craft and communicate press releases on behalf of partners, as well as execute co-marketing programs.

Want to Work with Us?

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