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Marketing Strategy Services


Our Marketing Services span the landscape from planning through to development and activation of assets across all verticals including digital, Google SEO, social media, content, data collection and analysis, events, partnerships and more.  Marketing Strategy is the umbrella under which partnerships, branding, storytelling and experiences live and thrive.  Our services are available as a complete program or by-service depending upon the needs of the business.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding competition and the marketplace is critical for both planning and on-going improvement of a business.  The data gathered from competitive research informs business strategy and can be immensely helpful with products and services offered, pricing, positioning, messaging and more.  TL.Authentic can provide a Competitive Analysis by industry and location to support your efforts to stay ahead.


Tactics answer the question "How do we want to do it?," and are the meat on the bone of your marketing strategy.  Digital, events, social, promotional, partnerships, sponsorship, and more.  We align your brand and objectives with the marketing tactics we believe will achieve the desired result, while also assisting you in organizing, developing and executing these initiatives.  

Target & Segments

Who is the target audience for your product and service and what do you know about them?  TL.Authentic can help you not only define and segment your target audience abut provide critical intelligence so you know who they are and what makes them tick thereby insuring your marketing connects and delivers.

Marketing Budget

It's a reality that many businesses operate without a budget or barometer of ROI for efforts executed.  A subscribed, but flexible, marketing budget is truly critical.  TL.Authentic can assist with short and longer-term marketing budgets as well as ROI measurement as a program executes.

Data & Analytics

Understanding the market and how your assets and campaigns perform allow a business to operate more nimbly and intellectually.  TL.Authentic can assist a business in collecting analytics and also assessing the data obtained.  With that information, we also provide support ad recommendations for how to move forward.

Annual Marketing Plan

An Annual Marketing Plan is the business road map to the year or months ahead.  We assist businesses in pulling together the team, information and assets important to the planning process, crafting a plan, pulling together and developing all assets and assisting and insuring execution and any tweaks that need to be made along the way.

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