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SF Chronicle Hands Sierra Foothills and Lodi Wineries Increased Customer Opportunity

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Drastic Changes in Napa and Sonoma Wine Business Model opens door for Sierra Foothills, Lodi and Sacramento Delta Wine and Tourism Businesses

Over a recent 11-day period between August 25th and September 11th, 2022, The San Francisco Chronicle published three comprehensive articles by Staff Wine Writer Jess Lander detailing the prohibitive costs and increasing hurdles of wine travel and tasting in both Napa and Sonoma Counties. The message of her content took aim at rising hotel costs and tasting fees, as well as limited access to Napa and Sonoma wineries created by reservation-only tastings. While credible consideration was given to the return to and surge in international travel, the rising cost of gas, and concerns about the economy as possible contributors to decreased visitation in these AVA's this summer, Ms. Lander's conclusions were clear and consistent: Napa and Sonoma have priced themselves out for the "regular wine consumer." Amidst this high-profile press and the purposeful direction of Napa and Sonoma ~ as confirmed by folks we have relationships with in both wine regions, an opportunity for Foothills, Lodi and Delta wineries presents itself: Appeal to and connect with Bay Area consumers priced out and snobbed out by Napa and Sonoma and win an audience pushed out but still very much interested in wine - with plenty of disposable income to boot. A timely response to this recent press is important for area wineries, while a long-term horizon of the effort to win over these knowledgable consumers is concurrently critical. Bay area consumers interested in wine clearly responded to Ms. Lander's story published on September 1st, hence driving the incremental content response published by the media giant on September 11th.

The next question: How to reach these folks? A purposeful, planned, well-crafted marketing and outreach plan, with budget allocated is key. Elements and tactics could include: - Targeted social media and digital messaging - Outreach via in-market Bay Area food, wine and travel events - Creation of destination events appealing to a Bay Area consumer - Partnerships with Bay Area and Tahoe-based businesses who also connect with the target audience

- And more May we suggest that collaboration with other wineries and tourism-related businesses within AVA's, or amongst wineries with similar objectives, has the highest likelihood of producing the greatest result. Not only will a unified effort diversify the overall cost, it has the potential to reach a broader audience. Need resources and support to capitalize on this opportunity? TL.Authentic can help! Email us or schedule a quick connect and let's talk! We can assist with coordinating a collaborative approach, developing a marketing plan, creation and execution of marketing programs and more. Links to recent San Francisco Chronicle wine articles: August 25th: "Wine tasting in Sonoma costs 44% more than before pandemic, new data shows" September 1st: "Why is Wine Country tourism so slow? ‘You’re out a few thousand dollars before you walk into a winery’" September 11th: "Why Wine Country is no longer ‘for regular people,’ according to some Bay Area residents"

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