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Association Advisor Services


Association Review

TL.Authentic offers an objective review and assessment program for membership organizations and not-for-profit Boards.  Our third-party position combined with our experience serving on and running Boards and associations provides us with a keen eye for what to look for, and expertise that is informed and beneficial.  We offer our review and assessment service to Boards and Associations at any stage.

Association Structure

TL.Authentic can work with you to develop structure, legal framework and guidelines for a new Association, review the current structure of a current Association and put forward recommendations on re-structuring associations and Boards that are not working successfully.

Organizational Operation

We know from personal experience how challenging it can be to operate an association or non-profit Board that has either been neglected, or experienced significant upheaval.  Rotating Board Members and lackluster oversight can wreak havoc on the most well-intended organization.  TL.Authentic is passionate about working with associations to repair structure and relationships, setting an entity up to operate successfully.

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